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Job Boards
    CANADA-ONTARIO JOB GRANT Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG) provides an opportunity for employers with a particular skills...   [MORE...]
  • Labour Market Trends Workshop!
    Labour market information tells you about: Jobs and salaries, Industry sectors, Cities and communities,Future trends and...   [MORE...]
  • Back To Work Clothing
    Job Zone d'emploi is very pleased to be partnering with the House of Lazarus, to promote a Back to Work Clothing ini...   [MORE...]


Workshops -- Sign Up Now!

Job Zone d’emploi offers informative workshops on various topics that can help you prepare to find employment. The workshops have been designed to work together as a series and to complement each other.

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We want to cater to all residents living in the city of Cornwall, counties of Stormont and Dundas. Whether you are in the heart of downtown, or within the surrounding area. Please fill out our Job Zone d’emploi form.